Welcome to YoreAmerica.com, a place to explore history, fiction, and
    philosophy.  I believe that one of the best ways to address the dilemmas of today
    and find a little hope for the future is by reviewing the past and realizing that
    people have made it through some very difficult times.

Unfortunately, too often history is perceived as being boring with conditions no longer
relevant and times easily forgotten.  Too often, we forget that history is really about people…
not just dates … not just faceless masses… not only the most recognizable names… but about
ordinary people like ourselves who had to live through confusing issues and events just as
we do today.

With this in mind, I created Yore America, a website that presents glimpses of the past in a
multimedia mode. At YoreAmerica.com, I personalize history. Through a combination of well-
researched events and well-written historical fiction, you will receive a picture of everyman’s
life & times with a chance to learn some facts, explore some philosophy, enjoy engaging
drama and ask: what would I do if I lived there and then?

So, please enjoy the many free multimedia features found at this unique site. Are you a history
buff? A student? Just curious? A teacher? Well acquainted with the past? Have something to
contribute? It doesn’t matter. You will all be entertained and enlightened if you spend some
time visiting Yore America.
So, I hope you enjoy the facts and fiction found within my site. I  try
to keep the historical facts entertaining, yet informative. I try to keep the fiction even more

    As for my background, I have been a writer all of my life.  My interest is
    history and fiction… of course, traveling to sites, reading and researching
    history is a passion. I began as a staff reporter and provided years of local
    coverage for a weekly town newspaper. Later, I became a feature writer for a
    Community Newspaper chain.  As a freelance writer my articles were
    published in numerous national & regional periodicals. These included
    general interests, special features, general reviews, book reviews,
    interviews, a regular column and inclusion in several mastheads as
    contributing editor. Some of my magazine publications included US Magazine,
    NY Nightlife, Long Island Heritage, Air Force Sergeant’s Magazine, Discovery
    section of a newspaper chain, Sunstorm Arts, North Shore, Long Island Life,
    BookMark small press review and more.

Many of my history articles meant doing a lot of research. I found my way around libraries,
archives and museums. I learned how to transfer old documents to media production and
enjoyed my interviews with historians and curators.

I worked as a Public Relations Consultant for the Science Museum of Long Island and Friends
for Long Island’s Heritage - a fundraising/preservation support network for county museums
and historical sites. I wrote effective press copy published verbatim in
NY Times, Newsday, etc.
as well as producing the newsletters, setting -up events, coordinating organizations & acting
as press liaison… all for the preservation of our heritage.

My interest in history led me to become the founder and publisher of the
Long Island
, a regional history periodical funded by grants and advertising. Here, my labor of
love kept me busy handling all aspects of publishing - layout, design, grants, distribution
sites, ISSN, advertising sales, maintaining a writing staff. As editor-in-chief I had to select
writers, assign articles, edit copy, select press releases for in-depth coverage, as well as
write editorials. Compared with this, maintaining a website is much more pleasant.

In spite of success in presenting history to the public, my love has always been writing fiction.
Much time was spent in writing and researching
DUTCHMEN - A Tale of New Netherland (Quoin
Publishing, Stony Brook NY 1990), and
The GUIDE — Thirty Encounters with a Native Spirit, North
America 1642- 1959
.  While serving as Founder and Director of the Smithtown Writer's Guild, I
tapped into the small press movement and a limited edition of
DUTCHMEN was published.  To
my delight, the book received excellent reviews from the press and much acclaim from my
readers.  Copies are now sold out.  Currently, I’m
pleased to present my latest work -
VISITATIONS – A Tale of the Irishman, the Devil and Sister Clair. I hope you take the time to read
these unique
books, available at this site in print and several Ebook formats.  My readings for
special events from Manhattan to Alaska have provided overwhelming praise for these
stories.  Therefore, I can promise that you won’t find comparable fiction anywhere else –
online or in print.  By purchasing one or all of these EBooks, you will contribute to maintaining
this site as well as enjoying a wonderful reading experience.

After living in New York for decades, I relocated to Washington DC and finally, to Williamsburg
VA.  However, for all of you American History buffs, current Long Islanders and relocated Long
Islanders, I've selected a few of my articles for your enjoyment.  These were published
regional history publications several years ago.  But since history remains the same, they are
still relevant enough to be of interest.  If you have time, take a few minutes to visit the
REPRINTS page and read them.

Please continue to visit YoreAmerica.com for updates.  I appreciate your interest.

Kathleen Lonetto