Pieter knew that he was going to die. He ran through the forest where the night
    shadows threatened to hold him as a sacrifice for the demons that pursued him.
    The woodland floor was alive with growth that transformed the sane world into a
    mythical beast. Sinewy arms and legs reached out to entangle Pieter’s feet as
    he fled. He pounded the softness of the pine cover. His breathing was heavy. His
    body ached. However, his pain was caused more by fear and dread than by
    anything else. In the distance Pieter saw his farmhouse with its comforting
    lanterns and the safety of the hearth. But he understood that he could not reach
    his home. The Pequot raiders would find him. And so, they did.

    As the raiders encircled him, Pieter doubled over, unable to catch his breath.
    The blood on their knives and tomahawks was accentuated by hazy moonlight.
    One raider flung his knife. The blade that pierced Pieter’s chest was hot fire. He
    squirmed and cried out from pain until he saw a woman with golden hair. The
    woman dashed into the thicket and stopped as the Pequot men assaulted her.
    She ran two steps and was overcome by raiders giddy with menace. Pieter
    struggled, screamed, but he was unable to save himself or the golden-haired
    woman. Then, it ended as abruptly as it had begun.

    Pieter yanked the knife from his chest and smashed his fist against the reality of
    his bedroom wall. He jumped up from the bed and pushed his quilt away from
    his wet body. He was panting heavily and welcomed the icy glow of the sky just
    before dawn. For a moment, Pieter stopped to survey the room. He squinted into
    the shadows and was quieted by the void of darkness. Once again, he had
    experienced his nightmare, the one that taunted him and filled him with anger
    and uneasiness. The dream always left apprehension as an aftertaste. And the
    aftertaste always presented the same question. Did the images reflect horrors
    of the past or was it a premonition of the future?

                                  And so, the adventure begins….

    The year is 1637. The place is the exotic wilderness of Dutch New Netherland.
    Colonist Pieter Van Tyden is resigned to work a simple homestead until the
    woman he loves is kidnapped by Indian raiders. His search for her becomes a
    life of pain and glory that parallels the tumultuous colony he calls home.

    Hunted by a crazed killer, Pieter finds refuge in exciting New Amsterdam, the
    island of the Manhattan tribe, where he collides with corrupt politicians,
    scheming businessmen, and a bored, rich seductress who plays a deadly game
    with him.

    Soon, he becomes exiled and must escape to uncharted and primitive Long
    Island. There, he accepts a rigorous life with the Native Indians. He must survive
    blizzards, disease and hurricanes. He encounters great whales of the Atlantic,
    mysterious Fire Island, wild animals of the Hempstead Plains, unlawful English
    settlers, even a sensuous healer accused of witchcraft.

    After years of adventure, he is torn between two women and trapped between
    Dutch soldiers and Native warriors in a confrontation destined to seal his fate

    Dutchmen is a 12 episode action tale rich with the romance and colorful history
    of an untamed colony where 10,000 men and women, saints and sinners,
    visionaries, settlers and soldiers made an indelible impression upon the New

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6X9 soft cover
344 pages
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A Tale of New Netherland
Previously published 1990
by Quoin Publishing
Stony Brook, New York
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number:
ISBN:  0-9626764-0-3
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