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The GUIDE - Encounters with a Native Spirit, 1642 - 1959  - a 30 story series -
read a travel log of mystical happenings to ordinary people from the past +
free introduction to the spirit guide & excerpts
DUTCHMEN - A tale of New Netherland - is an epic adventure set in 1600's
Manhattan & Long Island + free extras about New Netherland
VISITATIONS - A Tale of the Irishman, The Devil & Sister Clair - this latest
historical fiction book takes place in 1800's Vermont
The FADER - A Williamsburg Tale - available as a fun short story

REPRINTS - meet the author and read previously published in-print articles
with k.e. Lonetto's byline

BLOG -  Enter into an author's mind. In the YoreAmerica  blog,
K.E. Lonetto shares a glimpse into the lives of characters from history.

ABOUT  - a brief bio of the author/publisher of YoreAmerica.com

PODCASTS - exciting, on-the-scene audio narrations of little known, special
events in history

READINGS -  three free MP3 tales of the supernatural set in the early 1900's,
read by the author, underscored with original background music


VIDEOS & VIEWS- meet a selection of characters, read their stories and see
video glimpses into their worlds as you visit special times and places in history
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