THE POND - a colonist - New Netherland, 1642 - Meet
    the Dutch colonists who become trapped after a
    supernatural encounter at their mystical pond!
    THE CHAPEL - a craftsman - New France, 1756 - Read
    about a man whose faith is tortured by guilt until he
    produces a miracle in the wilderness!
    REGULUS - a spy - New York, 1777- Meet General
    Washington’s spy, a quiet colonial dame, who is
    suddenly engaged in her own private war!
    THE PORTRAYAL – a refugee - French Azilum 1793 -    
    A nobleman who escapes the guillotine finds a new
    danger in the Pennsylvania wilds!
    LAVA SEED - a musician - Hawaii, 1824- Two passionate
    settlers encounter mystery instead of paradise in
    their new island home!
    SOUL HUNT - a minister – Maine 1855 - A minister is
    introduced to horror when his soul is tested by a
    harmless, former slave!

    WHITEOUT - a professor  -  Great Divide, 1858 -            
    A lonely professor traveling West uncovers the
    strange, ultimate power of knowledge!
    TIMEFARER - a reporter  - Washington DC, 1859 - The
    fate of a war reporter changes after he meets a time
    traveler on the road to battle!
    THE GARRISON - a soldier  - Maryland, 1864 -The life of
    a Civil War soldier is saved by something that no one
    can ever explain!
    THE BEYONDER – a coffin maker - Virginia, 1866 -        
    A war veteran makes a coffin for a wealthy recluse, a
    man who left this world long ago!
    NESTING DOLL- a native - Alaska, 1867 -                      
    An Alaskan Native can foretell the future even though
    his own past remains hidden!
    THE QUESTING - a murderer - New Mexico, 1870 -        
    A treasure hunter makes a magnificent find and must
    suffer the deadly consequences!
    ABEL'S SON - an outlaw - Nevada, 1875 -This evil
    cowboy escapes all punishment until justice finally
    delivers a fatal blow!
    THE LIFESAVER – a surfman - Cape Cod MA, 1882 -
    After a shipwreck, a message from the dead alters the
    existence of a tire, fearful surfman!
    THE ROUNDS – a doctor - Manhattan NY, 1883 -            
    A Manhattan doctor is caught in a race for wealth,
    salvation and his children’s lives!
    THE ACREAGE – a teacher - New Hampshire, 1895 -
    With the power of magic, a young woman changes the
    future for her poor, mill students!
    COAL MAN - a miner - Pennsylvania, 1897 -A young
    Polish immigrant is rescued by something unearthly in
    the mines!
    THE PRESENCE - an immigrant - Long Island NY 1900 -
    A mother whose child lingers between life and death
    encounters terror on her land!
    INCENSE - a spinster - San Francisco CA, 1906 -           
    A refugee freed from Chinatown’s slave brothels
    takes revenge beyond all limits!
    CLIFF WALK – a socialite - Newport RI, 1911 -                
    A haunted young man searches for answers when he
    alternates between two lives in his dreams!
    THE COMMONS - a nurse - Kansas, 1922 - A woman
    who lost her memory must fight for sanity in a refuge
    for the mentally ill!
    SHADOWERS - an aviator - Illinois, 1925 - A pilot sees
    strange beings in the sky that are beckoning her
    either to safety or her death!
    THE MISSION - a reformer - West Virginia, 1930-           
    A reformer who takes refuge in a utopia finds that his
    existence become pure hell!
    MEMORARE – a writer - Savannah GA, 1937 -A famous
    literary critic researches a family with abilities beyond
    anything known!

    TEST DRIVE - an actor - Arizona, 1939 -A young man
    discovers how far away Hollywood becomes as he
    travels there for a screen test!
    THE FISHERY- a widow - California, 1945 -A war widow
    is given a vital gift after meeting a Japanese boy who
    returns home from an internment camp!
    THE RETREAT– an illustrator - New Jersey, 1949 -         
    A woman eventually finds the ultimate escape from
    reality after her beloved aunt returns from a Nazi
    death camp!
    THE DULCIMER – a singer - Smoky Mountains 1956-    
    A tired, uninspired country singer must revisit the
    mysterious place of her roots!
    BACK ROAD - an expatriate - Alabama, 1958 -A dying
    woman, away for decades, returns home just in time
    to glimpse eternity on a back road bus!
    DOUBLOONS - a pilot - Florida, 1959 -A pilot who
    crashes in the Everglades is horrified to find that he
    is not quite alone!
From Maine to Hawaii, Florida to Alaska; from 1642 to 1959 - the ordinary lives of thirty men and woman
were changed by an extraordinary encounter with a Native spirit. Their stories provide a unique view
of North America and a history of the nation built upon this land. Whether they were workers or idlers;
good or evil; rich or poor; young or old - these people were touched by THE GUIDE.
all 30 stories
6X9 soft cover
600 pages
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