In the year 1000, Camusett kept his vigil in the forest while awaiting the arrival of a
    Spirit Guide. He smiled as the moon peeked at him through the trees. His celestial
    companion was like the eye of a great, sagacious creature, patient in its anticipation
    of the event. But unlike the moon, Camusett was not patient.

        He shuddered as he inhaled the fragrance of the pines and longed for the arrival
    of the beast that would leave its mark upon his mind to become his spirit guide
    throughout life. Would it be a bear? A gull? A fox? A wolf? Or, would his spirit guide
    be something that he never thought a spirit guide could possibly be?

    Camusett was old enough now to begin his life as an adult. After he experienced his
    spirit dream and the elders decided that it was true, he could hunt with the men, fight
    battles, and raise children. His future was certain. And his home in North America was
    unrestrained - so very wild and so very free. To live well, he had to understand life
    within his tribe. But this was an easy task. All people were the same. The history. The
    ways. No other people existed. No. There were no outsiders… no strange, white,
    bearded men who lived in legends and whispers among his people. But Camusett
    knew that these outsiders were not legends. He knew that they were real because he
    had actually seen them. And he thought about them that night as he awaited the
    arrival of his guide.

    Long ago, Camusett was just a child watching whales migrate along the coast.
    Suddenly, in the midst of the great beasts, he saw the alien’s boat bobbing upon the
    sea. They rode in a long ship that traveled from where the sun first appeared each
    day. They landed on shore, hatchets in readiness. Why they had come to his land?
    What could they find that was never found by his own people? Then, one bearded
    man spotted him. Camusett watched like a stunned animal exposed to danger, but the
    man simply raised his hatchet and waved to the boy. He smiled the assurance of a
    conqueror, a hero, a victor in the hunt.

    The boy tried to tell about the encounter, but his people did not believe him. After all,
    legends reside only in the minds of the very old or in fantasies of the very young.
    However, as Camusett worked his chores each day, the image of the strange men
    bore itself deeply into his thoughts. He knew that, for some reason, he was chosen to
    experience a contact more unusual than anyone in the village had ever known. And
    now, as he awaited his spirit guide, he thought about the strange men once again.

    The stars were restless that night, streaming across the sky like glowing fish in a
    black sea. Then, one of the stars drifted away from its companions and began to fall,
    creating a dazzling light in the sky. The great, moon eye shed a tear that spun toward
    earth. A star was falling from the heavens… falling toward Camusett. He thought
    about running away from the star. But this was the night of his spirit dream. He must
    not be afraid of anything. So, Camusett ran toward the star and waited bravely until it
    touched him. The blazing glory of the star fell upon him and Camusett burst into a
    conflagration that burned throughout the night and into the following days.

    In the last impulse that his brain conveyed as a conscious thought, Camusett knew
    that the star had been his true spirit guide. He also understood that now he had also
    become a spirit guide. In fact, he became the most powerful spirit guide of all. And his
    last wish determined that he would be a spirit guide to the bearded strangers who
    came to his land on the aftermath of the sunrise.

    And so, on that fateful night, the spirit Camusett fled from the burning woodland. He
    wandered down forest paths and swam through rushing streams. He rode upon the
    wind. He took shelter in the rocks and mingled with the bitterness of plants and the
    sweetness of flowers. He traveled on the wings of birds and bees and butterflies. He
    lived within the fur of animals until they died and decayed back into the earth. As time
    passed, he understood that he could travel to all times where he would witness the
    lives of new people on the American continent.

    And so, for just a few chosen souls Camusett became a mystical spirit. He entered
    their lives in the form of his remains, a smooth stone with strange red markings. And
    when they touched him, he touched them whether they sought him or not. And he
    altered their views and clarified their thoughts by forcing them to journey to a place
    that exists only on the borderline between reality and fancy. Now, others may travel
    with him because all that was known about his visits has been written. And all that
    was written about his guidance will be known.