Meet The Irishman. In 1847, Aidan Moore has become a man of
    two   worlds. In Ireland, the land of his birth, he had to survive
    hunger and hardship. In his new American home, he finds
    promise and fulfilment. But where do his loyalties truly lie?

    Meet The Devil. Renny Quinn is sworn to a vow of revenge,
    hatred and destruction. He uses his ill-gotten weath for
    vengeance - no matter the place, the price, or the souls he
    must take with him.

    Meet Sister Clair. She is a woman without allegiance to any
    earthly boundary. She strives only to serve justice and
    struggles to do what’s right, no matter the sacrifice … to
    herself or others.

    The three know each other well and blend their new lives in
    America with the rich and colorful history of Vermont during
    the 1800’s. These hearty immigrants experience the Gold
    Rush, the Underground Railroad, the Civil War, the Know-
    Nothing Party, quarry labor and a patchwork of joys, memories
    and challenges. It all ends in a desperate dilemma after their
    lives and seasons unfold during their Visitations.
VISITATIONS - A Tale of The Irishman, The Devil and Sister Clair
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