In 1775, Elizabeth was a weaver who lived in Williamsburg in the colony of Virginia. As
successful weaver, she had a little shop in the town that housed many social and
commercial opportunities, She led a secure and happy life with affluent customers and
a chance to meet people from all over.

Elizabeth established her business in Williamsburg ten years ago. She catered mainly to
the gentry, although she has befriended many students, politicians, slaves and other
workers. For her, Williamsburg has always been an ideal place to live since it is home to
the House of Burgesses, a grand Governor’s Palace and the College of William & Mary.
The shaded streets offered numerous brick walks, gardens, mansions and shops.

As time went by, however, Elizabeth had become quite afraid and confused. It seems
that her quiet town has gone crazy. Suddenly, she became terrified of the
consequences of war or punishment. Why is everything turning to madness? She
blames those hotheads in the House of Burgesses such as treasonous Patrick Henry
and his friends George Washington and Tom Jefferson.

It began slowly, but has been building throughout the recent years. For instance, in
June of 1774, the town observed a day of solemnity, fasting and prayer to protest the
British closing of the port of Boston. In April of 1775, the Governor felt so threatened
that he actually ordered a withdrawal of the powder in the arsenal. He was afraid that
those treasonous men would incite the people to turn his own powder against him.
Only cool reasoning prevented a mob from marching to overthrow the British guards
stationed at the arsenal.

Elizabeth's friend Catherine Rathell, a fine milliner, went back to England when  the
Continental Congress forbade importation of British goods in October of 1774.
Apparently, Catherine needed the supplies and could not maintain her business
without it. Later, Elizabeth learned that her poor friend perished in a shipwreck before
reaching England. She became even more distressed. The words of revolution have
been whispered and reached her ears. And so, she is afraid for her way of life and the
safety of her home because of a few hotheads. Every day she wonders if they all
traitors to the Crown who will soon shatter her ideal life.


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